Photography is my tool to explore the environment around me. It has dramatically shifted how I see: in visualizing new textures, colors, and lines, in addition to how I relate to people and my surroundings. I use this to create dynamic visions that illuminate a person, mood, theme, or landscape. 

In my early years, I studied music while exploring technology. In college I had my first exposure to photography in two color slide classes. Professionally my career has been in consulting, primarily deploying super computers or modernizing data centers. After focusing on my career for several years, I rediscovered photography by shooting landscapes as a hobby, then moved on to people, and finally combined the two styles. By combining my left-brained organizational skills and my right-brained creativity, I hope to create an experience that impacts the viewer. 

When creating a piece of art, I like to work with models and explore their own stories and emotions. Then using an over-arching theme such as movement, visual echo or emotion, I create the image.